14 Tips for How to Work with Clients in Different Time Zones

The trick is to not be too rigid and to use the communication tools that work for your team and clients. While it can be time-consuming to manage multiple different messaging apps, most of us have at least a few different tools that we use in our day to day lives anyway.

working across multiple time zones

This is probably the most obvious challenge of working across multiple time zones, and rightfully so. It can get overwhelming trying to set up a time that works for the entire team. While operating with time zone differences has its benefits, it’s also challenging. Particularly if you don’t introduce new processes to manage a truly global team. When you don’t need to consider time zones, you can attract and hire the best talent regardless of location.

Microsoft Teams and the Office Suite

Tasks can be assigned, materials can be added, and deadlines can be defined. Team members will be aware of their responsibilities, effortlessly pick up duties, and leave comments/updates for their teammates to address throughout their shifts. Always maintain a discussion regarding work-life balance and communication windows. Employees should feel at ease and safe expressing what is aiding or hindering productivity.

You can work across time zones without losing your mind – Protocol

You can work across time zones without losing your mind.

Posted: Sun, 05 Jun 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Microsoft Office is one of the most popular software programs utilized by offices and companies around the world. You’ve probably used Word and Excel sometime in your life and Outlook is often the email service of choice with companies. With over 1.2 billion users, there’s nothing else that gets close. Younger generations value flexibility in their career choices. Benefits and perks are important to millennials and Generation Z. Flexibility ranks at the top of the list of wants when job searching.

How Our Remote Team Manages Collaboration Across 9 Time Zones

And if you want to learn more about how you can work from anywhere, visit, a website full of tips and best practices for the practical remote worker. And that gives a visual overview of all the time zones in the world at the same time. CREATE A TEAM AGREEMENT.One of the major points in the team agreement is to always talk in one time zone. So pick one and then have the entire team talk in that time zone.

  • Traditionally companies have relegated themselves to hiring people who live within commuting distance of their offices or at most, the same time zone.
  • Similarly, the rest of the team should be comfortable working autonomously with minimum instruction and interference to ensure maximum productivity.
  • Have some fun with Photoshop or Canva and create a map that shows where everyone on your team is.
  • This means people who were offline can dive into documentation to catch up, rather than having to wait for answers.
  • But what if your remote colleague is going to see your message hours later and you’ll be out of your office by then?
  • They may also be used to limit the number of times you see an advertisement and measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

“Be ready to jump on a call/video-call without having to schedule a time for it,” Ronnqvist Ahmadi advises. “Let your team know you’re available over Slack , and build in ‘air-time’ in your agenda for check-ins or quick chats.” When you’re working remotely or in a different location from other team members, you can’t easily turn to them, ask a question, or make conversation. This can make it hard to communicate and develop a relationship with your colleagues.

Encourage flexible work hours

Agonizing from home | Photo by Claudia Wolff on UnsplashThe first few projects we did remotely and in isolation from one another were tough. Our advice for future teams is to design an intentional strategy and process to facilitate team alignment. Is the meeting a working session, design review, or a status update? Distinguishing between these types helps invite just the people who need to be there.

working across multiple time zones

One of the first and easiest things you can do to make asynchronous communication smooth is to set your working hours, and to make those hours easily discoverable to your teammates. Some apps like Google Calendars even serve a warning if you inadvertently try working across time zones to book something outside of working hours. Splitting your hourly schedule around the time zones of your team helps you to be more available for meetings or rapid communication with your overseas colleagues while not neglecting your office colleagues.

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